All Great Changes Are Preceded By Chaos

- 04/27/20 2:47 PM

“All Great Changes Are Preceded By Chaos.” – Deepak Chopra

I think I was in training for this pandemic. I love what I do for a living. Love. But back in September I burnt the EFF outta my hand. As soon as it happened I went into full blown sociopath. I was extremely calm. Scary calm…I ran my hand under cold water, stared at it, and waited. I’d burnt my hand many times on the flat iron but this was a pan handle-oh and I’m right handed. I was rescheduling my massage clients left and right. The thoughts I was having seemed to be spiraling. I’ve always had a job in my life. I was babysitting, got my first retail job in high school…this was new territory. The thought of not working. I don’t even know what that means. Use it in a sentence? So I did what I’d been doing for everyone else. I sat with it. I gave it time. I threw all my love and healing and prayers into it. I asked people for help. This was major. It’s easier to take care of others than it is yourself. The big shift in this event for me was learning what to do with my thoughts and time when I can’t do what I think I should be doing. Create. I don’t think we give ourselves enough opportunities to create. This pandemic has shown me that’s where the magic lies. Sit with the mess, pull yourself out the mess, create. Repeat. Happy Flowing…