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What IIIIIS Reiki?

What IIIIIS Reiki? Reiki is a Japanese word that means Universal Life Energy. The first syllable, “Rei” means universal and the second, “Ki” means life force or energy.The practice is the transfer of universal life force energy to its recipient. Reiki is a form of energy healing that originated from Japan in the late 1800’s […]

Reiki News

Along with my traditional Reiki classes, and virtual classes, I understand that scheduling sometimes isn’t easy. I’m now offering individual Reiki classes (alongside my group classes). This one on one will also include additional tools to use as you learn to strengthen your spirit and Reiki practice. I’m excited to offer this intimate setting for […]

What’s next?

Aaaaah! What a question…I’ve been studying so much lately-consuming instead of creating but there’s an end game in my mind here…I’m currently studying Human Design. If you haven’t yet, learned yours, dive into it at Ask me questions before I gotta charge you for it 😆 I’m back on my podcasting. I’ve actually been […]

All Great Changes Are Preceded By Chaos

I think I was in training for this pandemic. I love what I do for a living. Love. But back in September I burnt the EFF outta my hand. As soon as it happened I went into full blown sociopath. I was extremely calm. Scary calm…I ran my hand under cold water, stared at it, […]

Why Didn’t I Learn This In School?

Have you really dove into some information overload you were so passionate about and wondered why it wasn’t something you learned in school? Enter: energy. Sure we discussed it in science classes I had no interest in… but we only learned some of the story. How is it you can walk into a room and […]