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Hi, I’m Sheanah! (pronounced She-on-uh)

I’ve been practicing massage therapy for ten years and developed a passion for health and self awareness and development. After my own experience with traditional medicine in 2015 with chronic sinus infections, and disappointment in finding a solution, I sought out alternative treatment options. It was then I discovered the benefits of integrative medicine. I’d like to show others how they, too, can benefit from treating the whole person.

With my experience in bodywork and as a Reiki Master Teacher, I believe I have the foundation to aid others in their own healing journeys. My purpose here is to be of service and to share valuable resources to ultimately connect people back to themselves and others.


  • My first visit was wild! The physical sensations were incredible. Old injuries came alive and could feel deep or hidden pain leaving my body from various locations, some of which I didn’t even know had pain. Highly recommended!! Added to that Sheanah is a superb therapist in other areas as well, so highly recommend her services.

    L. B.
    Columbia, SC
  • I’m familiar with Reiki and have tried distance Reiki before but this felt completely different. It was as if my body was signaling the return to a place of peace and calm that I definitely needed. I’ve now experienced both in-person and distance Reiki with Sheanah and each time, the vibration is strong and powerful, exactly what I need in each moment.

    G. M.
    Atlanta, GA
  • I woke up to what was undeniably an acute gout attack in the ball of the foot at the base of the big toe.  Sheanah was able to provide almost instant relief thru a combination of therapeutic massage and reiki.  Sheanah was also able to provide significant pain relief and a side benefit, the tightness in my knee, noticeable during my golf swing, was also gone after our session. Thank you, Sheanah!

    C. H.
    Columbia, SC
  • I had my first ever reiki session with Sheanah. She told me she could do it without me being present. Before she hung up to do her thing, she told me just relax. Out of nowhere I felt a tingly feeling work its way through my body and I was super relaxed than I ever been. When she called me back, she told me what my energy was screaming out and I instantly cried because no one knew what I was going through. Thanks again Sheanah, this is truly your gift. ❤️

    J. W.
    Miami, FL
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      Mar 13 2021
      Reiki News

      Along with my traditional Reiki classes, and virtual classes, I understand that scheduling sometimes isn’t easy. I’m now offering individual Reiki classes (alongside my group classes). This one on one will also include additional tools to use as you learn to strengthen your spirit and Reiki practice. I’m excited to offer this intimate setting for […]

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